Foundations of My Bookshelf: Introduction

Books have been, and continue to be, a very important part of my life. Sometimes I look back on books I’ve read in the past and think about how they have influenced me, how my outlook on life or my beliefs have been shaped by things that have stayed with me for years from something I read in a book. I’ve decided, therefore, to start a new series in which I’ll discuss some of the books that I’ve read that have left an impact on me.

These books are varied, and among them are volumes of different lengths, genres, and styles. Some I read for school, while others I read on my own. Some I read many years ago and look back on fondly, while others I read recently and already love. Many of these books also influenced my reading habits, by introducing me to a new genre or increasing my confidence in reading certain types of books.

Just as important as the books themselves were the events going on in my life at the times when I read them. Finding something in stories that was relevant to my experiences (unsurprisingly) made certain stories stay in my mind, because I found in them some elements that I could take away and hold on to. When I think back on decisions I have made, ideas I have believed, dreams I have hoped for, goals I have strived—there were many people, events, circumstances in my life that had an impact on all of these things. Some of these influential events were my reading certain books. Book have always been there in the background, and often in the foreground, of my life.

The purpose of this series is for me to look back on the books that have stayed with me, the ones that that I believe have become a part of me in some way. This is obviously a very subjective thing and will be based on my memories of these books as well as my memories of certain experiences in my life. I’ve found over the years that looking back on certain events has given me some perspective, and so I hope that looking back on certain books will give me some perspective on my feelings about them as well.

These are the books that have been the foundations of my bookshelf, the foundations of my love of reading, and also part of the foundation of my life. I hope to give them due consideration and thought, after they have given me so much.

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  1. honya
    May 08, 2014 @ 18:46:35

    I can very much relate to your feelings here, and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on which books have been most influential to you.

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